Positive Motions Foundation​

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Music for children fighting cancer

Come back soon to find out how to help us bring music to Children Fighting Cancer 

Community outreach 

Positive Motions Foundation collaborates with several organizations to expand visibility, and works with other local non-profits to provide musical art to where it would otherwise be inaccessible. 

Glendale trio 

The Glendale Trio, made up of three of the top classical musicians in Los Angeles, made its debut performance March 2015 and continues to receive rave reviews and encores. 

L.A. Cello Quartet

Charismatic cellists-soloists immediately attracted attention of the public and the quartet was instantly placed into a category of the leading chamber music groups.

Glendale Philharmonic Orchestra 

Approaching its 6th Season, Glendale Philharmonic Orchestra has continued to prosper and win over its love from the community.