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We'd like to thank the first baptist church of glendale for their continuous support by extending their venue for rehearsals and performances, along with administering our office space to allow us to perform positive change in our society through the support of professional art forms.

The First Baptist Church of Glendale has a long standing commitment to serving the Los Angeles metro area.  A vital part of the church’s story is its willingness to host various artists and concerts in its magnificent Sanctuary.  Termed the “acoustical jewel of Glendale” by local press and reviewers, the Sanctuary has been the host home of Glendale Philharmonic Orchestra since its inception.  Additionally it is the host home for Glendale Noon Concerts and a venue for many other performing artists.  

The Sanctuary was built in 1925 and “Experts declared that architecturally, this structure could hardly be surpassed,” according to an article in the May 1, 1926, edition of the Glendale Evening News. “The crowning feature was the beautiful auditorium, finished in light shades of gray and blue-gray with oak pews and woodwork.” Architect Charles Cressey also designed the windows, made of imported English cathedral glass by Judson Studios.

The church has a storied history that includes caring and encouraging artists and performers throughout its history.  Walt Disney enjoyed Sunday evening concerts on occasion. Actress Mary Pickford and stage star John Raitt as well as American Humorist Will Rogers were touched by the ministry of the church.   

We invite you to come and enjoy the beautiful sanctuary filled with the wonderful classical music of the Glendale Philharmonic Orchestra.

For more information, visit www.fbcglendale.net/

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